ADELAIDE - Monarto


Minimum Age


Entry Price

(Entry + Equipment Hire + 100 Paintballs)

$40 per person




Game Scenarios

  • Blackhawk Down
  • Tropic Thunder

  • Tomb Raider
  • Resident Evil

  • Speedball
  • London after the Apocalypse

Additional Paint
Additional paintballs can be purchased on the day - Please visit the Prices Page for more information

Finally, a paintball venue in South Australia worth raving about! Play at Monarto and you know you will be treated to the best there is to offer in safety, scenarios and professional customer service. Monarto caters for players of all ages and prides itself in providing the safest possible day of action. With every player being issued full head helmets that cover the entire head and face, body armour issued to all players free of charge and camouflage overalls that incorporate a padded neck protector, you can be sure your friends, family, co-workers or guests are treated to a great day out without the unnecessary pain.

Get your mates together, organise a date and start strategising as you’ll need all of your skills to defeat the enemy on these fields. Take on the pyramid in Tomb Raider, or try your luck at the Fuel Dump, London After the Apocalypse, Prison and the Jungle Crypt.

Just over 35 minutes from Adelaide, you can enjoy the next generation in paintball entertainment.